COVID-19 Has Reduced the Risk of a Post-Halving Price Dump

Crypto experts believe the recent COVID-19 related price crash has reduced the risk of a halving price dump and may have set up a bull market. The recent COVID-19 market … Read More

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Bitcoin in the Aftermath of COVID-19: Two Possible Scenarios

Futurist and author, Daniel Jeffries, shared with Cointelegraph his view on the future scenarios awaiting Bitcoin in the aftermath of COVID-19.  Two possible outcomes  In one particularly dark scenario,  the … Read More

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While coronavirus rages, bitcoin has made a leap towards the mainstream

Anyone holding bitcoin would have watched the market with alarm in recent weeks. The virtual currency, whose price other cryptocurrencies like ethereum and litecoin largely follow, plummeted from more than US$10,000 (£8,206) … Read More

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Wikileaks Gathers $37M in BTC Since 2010 – Over $400K Sent After Julian Assange’s Arrest

The world was shocked when Wikileaks cofounder Julian Assange was arrested in April after being cooped up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012. Following his arrest, the original … Read More

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Max Keiser Predicts $400,000 BTC on Alex Jones Show, Jones Compares Bitcoin to ‘Power of Fire’ From the Gods

The moment many conspiracy-minded bitcoin enthusiasts have been waiting for arrived yesterday when Info Wars muckraker Alex Jones compared bitcoin to a “power of fire” gifted from the gods to … Read More

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‘Best Brand’ Bitcoin Can Hit $20K by May Halving, Says Mike Novogratz

Bitcoin (BTC) has the potential to reach and even surpass its all-time highs of $20,000 by May’s block reward halving.  That was the opinion of Mike Novogratz, the serial venture capitalist … Read More

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$10K Bitcoin Prompts Influencers to Call a Bull Market

Cryptocurrencies have gained significant value over the last few weeks and it’s causing exuberance among digital currency proponents. Now a number of traders and influencers believe bitcoin and other coins … Read More

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Anthony Pompliano Believes Bitcoin Price Climb to $100K Has Started

Bitcoin price has surpassed $10,000 on Feb. 9, breaking its key psychological level and in doing so reached its highest point since October last year.  But to many, $10,000 is just the … Read More

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The Controversial S2F Model Predicts Bitcoin Price Will Reach 100,000 USD Within 2 Years

The current price of BTC is roughly in line with the popular stock-to-flow (S2F) system for technical analysis, and if the trend continues some speculate the price of the asset could reach … Read More

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How Coronavirus Outbreak in China Could Weigh on Crypto Prices

Jason Wu had to cancel a dozen meetings with his crypto clients in China after the coronavirus epidemic broke out this month.  “We planned a 10-city tour to talk with … Read More

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Coronavirus “is good for bitcoin”

Don’t let moral anguish over the deaths of potentially thousands of people get in the way of an opportunity to shill some crypto and pump up the price of bitcoin. … Read More

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Bitcoin Games Celebrates Lunar New Year 2020 With Introduction of Free Spins

Bitcoin Games is a provably fair online casino where you can play popular games using BTC and BCH. The platform is introducing a new feature and for its Lunar New Year 2020 promotion … Read More

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‘Weak Hands Are Out’ — Trader Who Called $20K Bitcoin Top Calls Bottom

Bitcoin (BTC) investors who are waiting for a price dip to even $6,000 have “missed” their opportunity already, veteran trader Peter Brandt says. In a market discussion with Cointelegraph on Jan. 17, … Read More

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Close to 11 Million BTC Haven’t Moved in Over a Year

According to a new research report published by Digital Asset Data, more than 10 million BTC has been sitting dormant for a whole year. Data shows that unmoved bitcoins account for roughly … Read More

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Institutional and Retail Bitcoin Futures Demand Continues to Climb

2019 saw significant bitcoin derivatives action from firms like CME Group and Bakkt. This year, demand for CME’s bitcoin futures remains strong and the firm’s options products may be available … Read More

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Bitcoin Can Gain 100% in 2020 — Halving Not Priced In, Says Fundstrat

Bitcoin (BTC) can deliver 100% returns to investors in 2020 and may rise significantly in the five months until May’s block reward halving, a new report claims.  In its forthcoming … Read More

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Bitcoin to Surge 150% In 6 Months? Why Analyst Thinks It’s Possible

Bitcoin (BTC) has had a great start to 2020, rallying 16 percent higher from the $6,800 lows put in last week. Although some say it is too early to tell if … Read More

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Making Regulatory Progress With Bitcoin ETFs and Pricing

Since 2013, one of the ongoing conversations between U.S. regulators and digital asset market participants has been the attempt to get a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) approved. By my count, … Read More

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Bitcoin Selling for $24,000 in Iran Based on ‘Official’ Exchange Rate

Update (04:00 EST): This article was updated and corrected to explain how the official exchange rate distorts reported Bitcoin prices in Iran.   Iran-based sellers on peer-to-peer trading platform LocalBitcoins are currently … Read More

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Bitcoin Can Hit $50K in 2020 ‘Very Easily’ — Nexo CEO Tells Bloomberg

Bitcoin (BTC) can “very easily” hit $50,000 during 2020, the CEO of one cryptocurrency industry business has told mainstream media.  In an interview with Bloomberg in Berlin on Jan. 3, Antoni Trenchev, … Read More

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Hashing Ahead: A Look at Bitcoin Mining in 2020

The December 2019 report on the Bitcoin mining network from CoinShares Research, a division of the digital asset management firm, presented an industry in good health at the end of the … Read More

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