New SLP Telegram Bots Introduced to Bitcoin Cash Supporters

The Bitcoin Cash community was recently introduced to two new Telegram bots that use Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens within the messenger application. There’s a new SLP Telegram-based dice bot … Read More

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Ripple Raises $200M, Calls 2019 Its Strongest Year of Growth

Ripple, the blockchain payments firm behind XRP, the third biggest altcoin by market cap, has raised $200 million in a new funding round. Led by closed-ended investment company Tetragon, the new Series C … Read More

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China’s Inflation Hits a Record 4.5% as Beijing Prepares to Test Digital Yuan

China has been confronted with multiple economic and financial problems this year amidst an ongoing trade war with the United States. Authorities in Beijing have been trying to overcome the … Read More

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Ethereum has successfully completed the Istanbul hard fork.

Hitting at block number 9,069,000, the systemwide upgrade is the network’s third in 2019, following February’s St. Petersburg and Constantinople hard forks. The months-long process culminated at 0:25 UTC on Sunday. Another iteration of … Read More

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Libra Testnet Fails to Impress as New Legislation Looms

A November 15 blog post by Libra project developers detailing testnet developments has apparently failed to impress government regulators and influential voices in the space alike. CEO of blockchain company … Read More

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Harvard university stages digital currency wars crisis simulation

Harvard University’s Kennedy School carried out a live simulation of a White House National Security Council meeting on Nov. 19, featuring former senior administration officials and thought leaders. The “Digital Currency Wars” … Read More

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What to Expect From the Next Bitcoin Cash Protocol Upgrade

On November 15, shortly after 12 p.m., Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will execute an upgrade of the network’s consensus rules. After the upgrade is locked in, the next block will enforce … Read More

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Turkey Becomes the Latest Nation to Work on Digital Fiat

Trade wars, sanctions, fear from private and decentralized cryptocurrencies. Regardless of the motive, a number of governments have recently taken the path of creating their own digital money. Turkey has … Read More

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US, EU and UK Companies Can Now Pay Workers in Bitcoin Cash via Bitwage

Getting at least partially paid with cryptocurrency is a great way to enter the digital asset market without having to do any trading. If you are looking to earn your … Read More

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China to Be First to Launch Digital Currency, Says Think Tank Exec

An executive at a Chinese economics think tank has said that China’s central bank will be the first to launch a digital currency successfully. According to Chinese tech news outlet Pandaily, … Read More

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Jamie Dimon says Facebook’s libra is ‘a neat idea that’ll never happen’

J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is not bullish on the future of Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency. “It was a neat idea that’ll never happen,” Dimon said Friday at a conference in Washington … Read More

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ICOs Are Dead But ICO Scammers Are Immortal

How Do You Kill That Which Has No Life? Much like the humble cockroach, there are few conditions in which the ICO scammer cannot operate. Even with peak ICO and … Read More

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PoS Will Make Ethereum More Secure Than Bitcoin, Says Vitalik Buterin

After the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm will be implemented in Ethereum’s (ETH) blockchain, it would become more secure and costly to attack than Bitcoin (BTC), co-founder Vitalik Buterin has stated. … Read More

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Coinbase CEO: US Should Reconsider Ridiculous Stance on Libra as Project Partners Jump Ship

Facebook’s ambitious crypto project Libra is running out of steam as it gets hounded by regulators and governments around the world. The social media giant was dealt another blow yesterday … Read More

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Telegram Messenger to Officially Launch TON Network in Late October

Encrypted messaging service Telegram will launch its long-awaited Telegram Open Network (TON) in late October. In an Oct. 2 message in the official TON Board on Telegram, the firm states that original … Read More

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Crypto’s Forgotten Altcoins Re-Emerge: A Look at What’s Happening

During the crypto bull market of 2017, everybody was happy. It wasn’t just the BTC maximalists, BCH enthusiasts, or proponents of ETH. Privacy coins like monero were doing great, and even charity-supporting “comic relief” coins … Read More

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