Ieo service (ieos) – The new IEO game changer (ANN & Bounty campaign)


IEOS is a new project that was created for IEO services. We decided to make some great help with IEO but there are many different problems & factors for the ICO to be IEO, such as lack of funding & not finding the right currency to implement IEO. We decided to support IEO and that’s how IEOS was created.

You can now list Your Ico And Ieo For 0 $ Upfront On Exchange.
This is the best listing help in the world.Real help and real token. ((A good idea doesn’t die))

Token details:

Token Name: IEOS
Token Type: ERC20 – Ethereum
Total Supply: 1,000,000 IEOS
Contract address:

The details of the private Sale are as follows:

Start Private Sale: 15/10/2019
Start 1 Session Ieo: 15/11/2019
Start 2 Session Ieo: 01/12/2019
Price: $1
Targeted price: $10

Know more about our project:

Website —
Whitepaper —
Telegram channel —
Telegram —
Twitter —
Instagram —
Reddit —
Bitcointalk —
State Of The Dapps —
Ico holder —

Bounty program:

1. IEOS Twitter Campaign 

• Follow ieos Twitter
• Must having a minimum 250 followers and make your page public.
• Retweet at least 1 tweets from the page per week and make 1 tweets in your own words with a link and hashtags to ieostoken.
• Only one account per person is allowed

Bounty Rewards
• 250-750 followers = 20 ieos/week
• 750-4000 followers = 30 ieos/week
• Above than 4000 followers = 50/week

2. Ieos Youtube Video Creation Campaign 


• Create the video with unique contents and upload to Youtube.
• Your Video must mention and discuss the ieos ICO Project with a link to the website.
• Mention the link in the description of the video, along with your bitcointalk profile link to recognize your content
• The length of the video must be longer than 1.30 minute 

Bounty Rewards
• 100–500 views =  50  ieos
• 501–1000 views  = 80  ieos
• 1001–2000 views =  100  ieos
• 2001–5000 views =    150 ieos
• More than 5000 views = 200  ieos

Contact to

3. Ieos reddit campaign

RULLES (same with twitter campaign)

4. Telegram campaign

Share this article on telegram chanel

100-500 views= 20ieos
501-1000 views= 40ieos
1001-2000 views= 50ieos
2001-5000 views= 70ieos
More than 5000views= 80ieos

5. Bitcointalk campaign

make a post about ieos, you can take some parts of the article here like private sale bounty and about our project. for the most interesting

100-500 views= 20ieos
501-1000 views= 40ieos
1001-2000 views= 50ieos
2001-5000 views= 70ieos
More than 5000views= 80ieos

6. Join all media social: twitter, telegram group and chanel, instagram (mandotary): 5 ieos (only for 10k participant)

7. Share this article on two facebook group with member more than 5k member (mandotary) and tag 5 friend and #ieos#ieoservicetoken: 7 ieos

Campaign 6 and 7 is mandotary

Start airdrop bot:

If you have done one of the above tasks please contact for the following process with send your screenshot

Don’t miss this opportunity, it will be one of the best IEO projects

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