Show Me the Credits! Bittrex is giving away over 25 million Bittrex Credits

What’s the best way to officially announce a beta rewards program? By rewarding over 25 million worth of Bittrex Credits to our loyal Bittrex International customers. Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been quietly testing a new beta program with a select group of international customers and now we’re excited to share the announcement that we’re expanding the Bittrex Credits beta to a larger international audience.

Bittrex Credits is a new beta customer rewards program that will allow customers a chance to earn commission-free trades by trading on Bittrex International. Through October 22, qualified customers will be able to accumulate additional credits based on the commissions they pay on trades which will be available moments after an order is closed. Be sure to use all your credits by October 22 as they will expire.

It’s our way to say thanks for being a Bittrex International customer.

Additionally, new customers who sign up to and complete KYC verification during the promotional period (through October 22) will receive $25 worth of Bittrex Credits within 5 days of completing verification. Users must enroll by October 15 in order to receive the promotional credits.

What is Bittrex Credits?

Bittrex Credits is a customer rewards program enabling users to earn commission-free trades by trading on Bittrex International (

How can I earn Bittrex Credits?

You earn Bittrex Credits based on the commissions you pay on your trades. Bittrex Credits are transferred into your account a few moments after your order is closed.

How can I spend credits?

You may redeem Bittrex Credits for a commission-free trade once you accumulate enough. An option to do so appears automatically in the trade confirmation dialog box.

How much is a credit worth?

One Bittrex Credit is worth $0.01 (USD) towards trading commissions. To pay trading commissions on an order with Bittrex Credits, users need sufficient credits to cover the entire commission for the order. The current market rate listed by Bittrex International for currencies other than USD determines the value of a Bittrex Credit in non-USD markets (BTC for example). Bittrex Credits cannot be redeemed other than for trading commissions on the Bittrex International platform, cannot be removed from the Bittrex International platform and have no cash value.

How do I know how many Bittrex Credits I have?

Enable Bittrex Preview to view your Bittrex Credits balance on your ‘Wallets’ page.

A fuller description of the Bittrex Credits beta program can be found at

A final, non-beta version of the Bittrex Credits beta program may or may not be implemented in the future, and it may be terminated, suspended, modified, or replaced by Bittrex International, in its sole discretion, at any time hereafter without notice to you. Learn more about Bittrex Credits:

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